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                                                                 WHAT IS THE BIOPROFESSIONAL SYSTEM FOR HORSES?

The BioProfessional system is a ''permanent'' bedding system - a treated bed will last for 12-18 months or much longer. The bedding material (shavings, flax,hemp or similar) is initially mixed throughout with 5 applications of 200gms of BioProfessional powder and 200mls of Micropan solution sprtead over a 15 day period; the base of the bed is left undisturbed and only the droppings removed. Once the bed is established, it is maintained by a weekly treatment with 150gms of BioProfessional powder, the addition of more bedding and periodic spraying with Micropan Solution.



The mixture of enzymes transforms the urine produced by the horse into a clear, odourless liquid. The ammonia which is so damaging to the respiratory system of both horse and groom is thus eliminated. Any small pieces of dung are also broken down and as the bed matures, the bottom layer begins to compost into a dark peat-like texture.This will become compact and the bed will not become too deep.



Total bacterial charge..600,000,000UFC/gr...120,000,000UFC/gr
Total Coliforms..............25,000,000UFC/gr..........280,000UFC/gr
Feacal Streptococi..........9,000,000UFC/gr............60,000UFC/gr



SANITARY problems are reduced - Reduction of ammonia smells and bacterial pathogens: Improved environmental conditions for horse and groom. ECOLOGICAL - Less pollution of soil and water table from muck-heap. When deep litter is eventually removed, the composted bedding can be used on the land immediately. ECONOMIC - Less bedding material used: Enormous reduction of time and labour spent mucking out: 80% reduction in size of muck heap. THE COSTS - Approximately £3.95 per horse per week. PRODUCTS - BioProfessional Powder is available in 1.5kg,5kg,10kg & 25kgs. Micropan Solution is available in 1ltr,5ltr,10ltr & 25ltrs.



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For boxes with rubber mats or where a permanent bed using the BioProfessional system is not required a weekly application of 60-75gms of Micropan Stable Fresh will degrade and clean areas where excrement and urine exist. Reducing ammonia smells and decreasing the formation of pathogenic bacteria.

Do not use chemical disinfectants in areas treated with Micropan Stable Fresh as this will destroy the active ingredients. For sanitising use Micropan Solution diluted in water at 10%. Micropan Stable Fresh is also ideal for using in horse transporters,horse walkers and treadmills. The product is available in 750gms,5kg,10kg & 25kgs


Micropan Solution is a natural sanitising solution and can be used in conjunction with BioProfessional Powder and Micropan Stable Fresh on the walls and floors of stables and around the yard drains etc. It is 100% biodegradable and is safer for the environment. It is available in 1ltr,5ltr,10ltr and 25ltr containers and should be diluted before use.


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