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                                                               BIOANIMAL PETFRESH

This product contains enzymes and bacteria and is used for treating the urine,excreta and vomit produced by dogs,cats,rabbits and other small mammals. The product is sprayed directly on the residue which can be on the animal, its bedding or carpets, chair fabrics or car seats. The natural enzymes and bacteria will degrade the waste and leave no stain or bad odour. For accidents one treatment should be sufficient but for regular maintenance of cat litter or rabbit bedding etc. then one or two applications per week should be adequate.
Supplied in a handy 240ml finger spray.


Soter is a natural micro-biological complex. It is non-toxic and acts against turbitidy of the water, bad odours and toxins within the aquarium.
By reducing the level of diluted ammonia and decreasing the level of organic impurities it re-establishes the natural microbial flora of the aquarium and acts directley against pathogenic bacteria and parasites.
Soter is distributed once every 7-14 days through the water inlet or straight into the aquarium.
Use 2-5gms per 100litres of water.
Supplied in boxes of 12 x 5gms sachets

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