Products supplied for this sector are mainly mixtures of enzymes and bacteria which are available in powder and liquid form. Specific advice is available for:



Use Micropan Complex to revitalize active sludge by creating more useful colonies of bacteria and reduce the formation of bad smelling compounds such as Indoles, Skatoles and Mercaptans.
The range of compounds for watewater treatment is completed with the following:
MICROPAN OIL - waste rich in oily and greasy substances
MICROPAN R.N - treatment plants with denitification
MICROPAN E.A - treatment plants with nitrification
MICROPAN PETROL - chemical and petrochemical waste,hydrocarbons of raw oil



In order to reduce malodors, prevent pipes clogging, eliminate pathogenic bacteria, reduce corrosive agents thus improving the life and efficiency of the network,improving the values of C.O.D. and reducing the quantities of sludge.



In order to reduce malodors, percolators and their pollutant charge, thus improving the receptiveness of the site and reducing the covering operation.



Biological treatment of hospitals, rest homes, schools, restaurants, industrial plants, livestock farms, abattoirs and produce markets in order to reduce malodors, the pollutant charge and the environmental impact of these operations.


Agran R.S.U. is a catalyst that promotes specific biochemical reactions without becoming an integral part of the reagent products. It also promotes the growth of adequate positive bacteria eliminating the pathogens.
This product enhances the biological degradation process, eliminates anomalous processes and reduces the covering operations and odours.

Using Agran R.S.U. in your composting operation will:
INCREASE THROUGHPUT OF MATERIAL BY 20-30% due to faster aerobic stabilisation of the organic matter.
REDUCE MALODOURS due to optimisation of stabilisation time.
PRODUCE A HIGHER QUALITY COMPOST due to the degradation reaction being controlled and optimised.

Technical advice is available on composting biological sludge, green waste, abattoir waste and wood waste