Sports Turf

Lawns and Sports Turf

Following recent developments by Eurovix we are now able to supply a range of biological promoters that are specifically aimed at the treatment of intensively used turf on lawns,golf courses,football grounds,parks and gardens in general.The use of these products will improve the condition of the sward and the grass will look vigorous with better colour,even in hard conditions. These natural biological products reduce our reliance on chemicals and improve the environment.

ASTREA green

Soil regenerator, promotes organic residue degradation. Biological promoter and starter containing enzymes and selected microflora.Improves the fertility of the soil.


Biological soil promoter made from vegetable extracts, amino acid sand oligopeptides. Promotes taking root even in hard conditions, improves the fertility of weak and siliceous soils.


Biological promoter and carrier made up of free amino acids under active form,complex humid acids and probiotics. An excellent promoter that can carry mineral elements to the plant and improve plant endurance in adverse conditions.


Colloid suspension at a high concentration of vegetable active principles and minerals that promote taking root.


Contains a high concentration of lisates,vegetable active principals and minerals that enhance the growth and colour.


If you would like further information or technical advise or to order any of these products please contact us.